Glenn Block

Camp Counselor

Healthy Software Development in a Remote, Post Pandemic World

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Wednesday, May 25, 2022 - 1:30 PM UTC, for 1.5 hours.

Keynote, 90 minute presentation

Room: Mess Hall

engineering health

In the past we've been laser focused on practices that help improve how we develop, ship, and run software. Agile helped us to develop software faster, Kanban helped us to reduce waste, CI/CD helped us ship faster, DevOps helped us to keep our systems up and running, and the list goes on. We've also created tons of tools that assist us in applying those practices. What about the engineers doing all the work? Are their lives getting better? Based on what we've seen in the pandemic, for many, the answer is no. Burnout is at epic proportions, with 2 to 5 tech employees in a recent survey saying they want to quit due to excessive stress, exhaustion, and long working hours. The long hours are further compounded by inequitable treatment, racism, and other factors. All of this is fueling The Great Resignation. What can organizations do about it? Start paying more attention to the well-being of their engineers? At Uplevel this is our mission. Come to this talk and I'll share what we have learned about engineering team health and burnout.

Take Aways

  • What is burnout and how can we identify it?
  • What is people health and how can we measure it?
  • How can we help teams avoid burnout?
  • How can we foster healthier teams?
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