Lance Larsen

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Metaverse Workshop: Hands-on XR in 2023! Quest 2 + Quest Pro + Hololens + Unity + C#

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Monday, July 24, 2023 - 7:00 PM UTC, for 4 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

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Virtual and Augmented Reality together are now referred to as XR or “Extended-Reality”... So many exciting XR technologies exist today! And more are coming out all the time! But where do YOU start? For the last two years at THAT conference, Lance Larsen presented talks and workshops on building XR games and experiences. There have been many new devices and many new ways of developing XR. Hardest part is getting started. So this year at the best Summer Camp for geeks, we’ll all make our own XR applications hands-on! The Meta Quest has sold over 15 MILLION devices! XR has broken through to the mainstream and if you don’t own one yourself, you likely know someone who does. What does that mean for you? Well you now have a captive market that is HUNGRY for new XR games! So together in this workshop we’ll build a XR game using Unity, Visual Studio and C# We’ll start from a new project in the latest Unity and walk all the way through the process of building a XR application and get it running on a Quest 2, Quest Pro, or on a Hololens. Note #1 -- If you attended in years past, this will be a totally new XR application with a lot more features and interactions. Note #2 -- Lance will bring several Quests, Quest Pros and a Hololens with him for you on which to run your XR applications! BUT if you have your own Quest - BRING IT! That or use this as an excellent excuse to invest $399 and start building the XR future! Note #3 -- If you want to get a jump on development, check out for a lot of introductory blog articles on building on the Quest 2, Quest Pro and Hololens apps. Lance Larsen is a Microsoft MVP for Mixed Reality and passionate community speaker. Lance has led MADdotNET, the Madison .NET User Community for over 15 years - He's also the CTO for Holosoft, a company focused on XR (Augmented, Virtual and Mixed Reality) technologies -


1) Getting Started: Installing the Tools you need for XR development 2) Getting Started: Setting up your XR project 3) XR Interactions: How to control your XR world 4) XR Interactions: Game object interactions aka “I can blow things up now?!?” 5) XR Mixed Reality: Setting up Passthrough and Mixed-Reality 6) AI & XR: How to get ChatGPT to help build your XR experience


Microsoft MVP in Mixed Reality, Professional XR Architect / Lead, and have been talking about MR/VR/AR for 8+ years?

Take Aways

  • Working XR experience in Unity!
  • Hands on time with XR devices; Quest 2, Quest Pro, Hololens
  • Resources to continue to grow and build XR
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