Sara Caldwell

Camp Counselor

Story Mapping - The Compass and Trail Map to help your team build better products!

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Thursday, July 27, 2023 - 6:00 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: African 60

storymapping, agile, visual thinking, product management

Can you list all the States in the US? Sure you can, you likely learned this in primary school. You travel, you stay informed, and the amount of states have not changed in the past couple decades. Now try listing the states...If you are like me, you list a handful quickly and then the time between adding new states starts to increase. Why is this? Most humans, need a visual aid to help them place all the states, to help them remember, to help them draw connection. So you likely can't just rattle off all the states, not because you are inept...but because you are human and humans are visual creatures. Join Sara Caldwell as she walks us through how to work with this common human limitation through Story Mapping. Story Mapping is a technique created by Jeff Patton and can change the way you and your team look at your backlog. It take your flat backlog and makes it more dynamic through storytelling. It syncs each outcome to a user story....they don't call them user stories for nothing. Story Mapping results is 1) shared understanding of the business outcome the team is driving towards, 2) shared understanding of how the team is going to work to accomplish the outcome(s), 3) an actionable release plan


Might be beneficial to have basic Agile and Scrum knowledge

Take Aways

  • •  Feel comfortable conducting or participating in a story mapping session
  • • Know when to use story mapping to "unstick" your story creation efforts
  • • Understand who should join your story mapping session, and why
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