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Hip-Hop Can Hack Everything! Tech Solutions From a Culture of Innovation

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Thursday, May 26, 2022 - 1:30 PM UTC, for 1.5 hours.

Keynote, 90 minute presentation

Room: Mess Hall


In 2017, Hip-Hop/R&B supplanted rock as the most dominant music in the United States, firmly establishing the 40-year-old genre as an integral part of the fabric of Americana. The genre also reigns globally. However, Hip-Hop’s greater cultural influence has been interwoven with many aspects of society long before these musical milestones, often presenting itself in unprecedentedly inventive ways. Through insight gleaned from years’ experience covering the music and culture, this talk delivers an inspiring account of innovative and often surprising ways the world’s most dominant youth culture has been creating, remixing and hacking various industries to improve lives and livelihoods. It will ask and attempt to answer the question, “What are some important technological, economic and social issues facing our country in this time of uncertainty, and how is Hip-Hop uniquely qualified to address them?” And, it will examine powerful obstacles that stand in the way, hindering this formidable artistic, social and cultural movement from reaching its full potential to educate and uplift all citizens through inspiration and innovation. For this keynote presentation, focus is dedicated to highlighting direct ways that those who embrace Hip-Hop music, culture, and spirit are uniquely positioned to lead the spirit of invention in areas that include science, technology, programming, and hacking.

Take Aways

  • Ways that Hip-Hop music, culture & spirit have hacked/remixed industries, looking through a technology lens
  • What innovations Hip-Hop music, culture and spirit are bringing to today's tech-related marketplaces
  • How to best incorporate these innovative ways of thinking into any area of the tech industry
  • The dangers of ignoring or underestimating how much Hip-Hop minded individuals and organizations are uniquely positioned to innovative the tech industry
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