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CANCELLED - How Downtime Makes you A Creative Problem Solver at Work

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - 9:00 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

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Many of us are living at work, even if we’re working from home. We’re on the job when we wake up until we go to bed, taking only short breaks for necessary things. But what if I told you play is necessary? You will always have problems to solve and tasks to finish, but after trying to squeeze out more at the expense of sleep, exercise, diet, and time with the people you love, you will burn out. The remedy is playing. If you reflect and unplug, your mood will improve. You’ll be more generous and perform better at work. Play an instrument. Sew. Paint. Keep bees. Ride a bike. Wrestle with your kids. You’ll renew your physical energy, reduce anxiety and muscle tension. You’ll decrease stress hormones and blood pressure. And you’ll perform better at work. Play gets you thinking in new categories and making unexpected associations for better problem-solving at work. Terra L. Fletcher is a fulfilled entrepreneur, wife, and mother. Like you, she juggles multiple responsibilities every day but believes we all need downtime. Terra is a marketing consultant, author, painter, and kayaker. Terra started her first business at 15 and was awarded Entrepreneur of the Year in 2012. She’s enthusiastic about teaching others to achieve their goals. Terra’s latest book is “Flex the Freelance: An Unconventional Guide to Quit Your Day Job.” Attendees will 1. Understand the importance of balancing their work-life with hobbies, down-time, and self-care 2. Outline reasonable goals for how they will spend their time 3. Be inspired to create new things, given permission to be creative, and be motivated to pursue their hobby as a way to enrich their life in and outside of work


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Take Aways

  • permission to engage in hobbies
  • be creative
  • primed for innovation
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