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Reactive Apps with Quarkus + Responsive Data with Cassandra = Developer Nirvana!

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Monday, May 23, 2022 - 1:00 PM UTC, for 3 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: Campsite 4

Our install-free Cassandra workshops touch upon how Cassandra is an ideal platform for instantaneous data access. Quarkus is a Java framework and runtime built on technologies and standards familiar to most Java developers. It's reactive at its core, boasting extremely fast boot times and low memory utilization, while providing near-instant scale-up. This is critical for JVM apps when running on high-density container platforms such as Kubernetes. It offers a great developer experience, with capabilities such as live coding, continuous testing, and so on. If you’re a Spring or Java developer/architect, this workshop is meant for you!! Even if you’re a novice Java developer you will be able to follow along and level up your skills. While this workshop won’t transform you into a power cloud-native programmer or architect overnight, you’ll learn by doing and taking some baby steps towards the transition. In this session, you’ll start from scratch by installing GraalVM and will learn how to hook up your Quarkus app to AstraDB and end up packaging it as a native app (goodbye JVM), all from a cloud-based IDE. You will also look at features of the platform such as hot reloading, debugging, etc., which make development a joy again! After attending the session you will better understand how Quarkus powers Java developers to build reactive applications with responsive data access today!


Reproduced from https://github.com/datastaxdevs/workshop-intro-quarkus-cassandra 1. [Create Astra DB Instance](#1-create-astra-db-instance) 2. [Create Astra Token](#2-create-astra-token) 3. [Launch Gitpod](#3-launch-gitpod) 4. [Know your Gitpod](#4-know-your-gitpod) 5. [Setup your Application](#5-setup-your-application) 6. [Run Unit test(s)](#6-run-some-unit-tests) 7. [quarkus:dev and Hot Reloading](#7-hot-reloading) 8. [Debugging](#8-debugging) 9. [Packaging](#9-packaging) 10. [Containerizing](#10-containerizing) 11. [Native Image](#11-native-image)


Knowledge of Java, Quarkus and Gipod preferred although not required. Github account required and Dockerhub login preferred.

Take Aways

  • Java developers need not have language envy.
  • Development (hot reloading, debugging, etc.) makes development fun again.
  • Inner loop productivity gains are immense with the right platform
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