Robert Boedigheimer

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Is your website slow and you need some advice?

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Monday, July 26, 2021 - 1:00 PM UTC, for 2 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: 7

Web Performance

Do you have questions about your web site's performance? Would you like to have your site reviewed live? There are many techniques such as HTTP compression, caching with expirations, deferred and lazy loading, image optimization, CDNs, and more that we will review in the context of attendees' real web sites. We will also discover tools such as Fiddler, and Lighthouse you can use to diagnose performance on your own. Ever wanted a custom performance review of your web site with tips to improve it, now’s your chance!


Opportunity for each attendee to bring a publicly accessible web site for a performance review. We’ll look at one site at a time, demonstrate tools to help diagnose performance issues and talk about specific improvement ideas for that site. For each recommendation we haven’t covered already we will spend some time discussing what the improvement technique is. With any remaining time, we will review major techniques that didn’t come up during the site reviews. You will leave with an initial set of measurements for your site, and a list of ideas for improving your site’s performance. When you implement the suggestions, you’ll know how to measure again and show your boss what you did!


Some experience with web development is helpful

Take Aways

  • Specific list of techniques to improve the performance of YOUR web site!
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