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Mike Wales is the Chief Technology Officer at Moonrise, a company transforming the temporary staffing industry through automation, machine learning, and a disruptive approach to standard staffing industry practices. Our goal is to put money into people's hands! During this AMA session, I'll be available to answer any question you may have. You can learn more about me at http://michaelwales.com/about TL;DR: - Went to FSU on a 200% scholarship for baseball and academics, dropped out. - Enlisted in the USAF, served in 2 wars, deployed 4 times - Accidentally built a data analytics company while enlisted and, unknowingly, sold it to Steve Bannon - Worked for the NSA, DIA, and VA as a contracted civilian - Somehow convinced Silicon Valley/VC-backed startups I was worthwhile, took a team from 10 people in San Jose to 75 people in 15 different countries (32 company employees to 500+) - Has experimented with basically every single drug you can think of - Functioning alcoholic - Open book, will answer anything as long as it's not classified

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