Ross Larson

Camp Counselor

Coding inside the web browser! Talking about GitHub Codespaces and Gitpod.

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Tuesday, July 27, 2021 - 3:30 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: African 50 & African 60

GitHub Codespaces

As cloud resources and source code management tools improve in quality and affordability over time, the days of needing a dedicated development machine may no longer be necessary for all development workflows. This is a discussion on developing in the browser, with me showing several examples of projects that I've worked on in Gitpod and GitHub Codespaces. I will then give some instructions on how to set up your own cloud development environment!


Experience with development is useful, as I will be discussing development environments.

Take Aways

  • Gain a better understanding of cloud-based development in the web browser.
  • Know the questions to ask and the steps to take to get started coding in the web.
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