Arthur Kay

Hack Night / OSCP Prep

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Thursday, September 16, 2021 - 1:00 AM UTC, for 3 hours.

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Interested in application security? Curious what "hacking" really looks like? Art is studying to pass the OSCP exam -- join me for a HackTheBox livestream every Wednesday, where I'll try to apply my hacking skills and talk through my thought processes! I'll pick a retired box on and try to hack our way into it. Fire up your Kali Linux box and follow along, or just grab a beer and heckle me. This session is part of the @cybersecurity community on! Free to join, and all skill levels welcome! NOTE: In order to be compliant with HTB's terms of service, we will be focusing on a "retired" machine which requires a "VIP" membership (~$10/month). If you're only joining to watch there is no fee!

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