Matt Payne

Introductory demo to - a generator for spring boot java apps that has a great free tier

Friday, January 27, 2023 - 7:00 PM UTC, for 0.5 hour.

Open Space


If you are a spring boot user or curious about spring boot, this activity will be a great use of 30 minutes. Learn to use free tier to generate a spring boot application that has many to many relationships, swagger, and the h2 database console. We'll generate an application, import it into IntelliJ, run it, and walk around the code a little. Background: I enjoy using the SaaS. I'm an $89/year customer, and I used the free tier for a while too. Bootify does not pay me. I'm just thrilled with it. This demo will not try to get you to buy a Bootify subscription. The point is that Bootify is a great too for generate nice working examples. I struggle a bit with JPA many to many relationships and Bootify makes them in a way that works and is great to learn from. Note: this is my first activity in the THAT community. I'm thrilled to be joining you!

Take Aways

  • Be able to use the free tier of to generate spring boot code
  • see swagger in action in a java application
  • see in action
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