Kris Boedigheimer

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Ultimate Flashlight Tag and Camp Games with Arduino

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Tuesday, July 26, 2022 - 9:00 PM UTC, for 2 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: African 60

Come on in and learn about microcontrollers. Wire and code an Arduino to light up a ring of Neopixel lights. We will add a sound detector to flash the lights to the beat of music. Next, we will code a Dot Matrix LED module to light up words or designs. Finally (NEW this year) we will add a touch screen and program a game. It’s all hands-on. Bring a Windows laptop (I am not familiar with Mac and Linux) and order items on the shopping list below. If you are not able to order the items, we will have a few stations setup. You will also leave with future project ideas to create. Items to purchase: Arduino: Neopixel Ring: Sound Sensor: Dot Matrix Module: Wires: TFT Touch Screen: *Note - you will need a USB-A port on your laptop or bring an adaptor


• Learning about microcontrollers • Light up microcontroller, then Neopixel lights • Code to customize light patterns • Add sound sensor • Code to customize sound and light patterns • connect LED module • Code LED lights to make a word, scroll words, make shapes • Code TFT Touch Screen to play a two-person game • Brainstorm things you want to try at home. .


If you have attended the Neopixel workshop in prior years, make sure and come back. We will review and learn even more. We will be adding to our knowledge by programming a game on a TFT Touch screen.

Take Aways

  • learn some C coding
  • learn about Arduino hardware and software
  • learn about sensors, lights, and LED modules
  • learn about TFT touch screens
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